Silent Reflux- My Story


acid-reflux-11 My name is Andrew, and I live in Ft Worth, Texas. The following is my personal opinion. I am not a doctor. I am simply sharing what worked for me and many other people who were fed up with conventional Acid Reflux/GERD medications that cost a lot of money, cause a lot of long term health problems and simply do not work. 

If you want to cure your Acid Reflux and heartburn, I highly recommend you consider a new natural method.  The medication that doctors prescribe may treat the symptoms of GERD, but they DO NOT heal you and cure this. Like most pharmaceuticals, the intent is to is treat you so you need to keep taking them. There is no money in cures, my friends. There is only money in treatment. 

If you would rather keep on going to doctors, having tubes stuck down your throat, and spending money on antacids and proton pump inhibitors, then I wish you well. Just know that PPIs have a lot of potential to cause great harm if taken long term. I was told to take a particular PPI for 3 months, even though it clearly states in the warnings that it should only be taken for 2 weeks. 

 In November of 2014 I became sick with a cold, and along with that I had trouble breathing. The cold went away but the shortness of breath didn’t stop. 

I went to the ER first because I thought I was very ill with some kind of problem in my lungs. The ER doctor told me it was anxiety, gave me some Xanax and sent me home. The Xanax did help, but the reason why it helped was because it was decreasing muscle tension in my throat. The underlying problem was still there. Also, a life lived on daily Xanax is not ideal. The addiction potential is very high with that drug.

After a few months of dealing with the constant breathing issue, I went to my family doctor. He sent me to have a barium swallow test, and that showed nothing unusual. Then I had a CT scan, and then an MRI. They were normal. He sent me to an ENT specialist who stuck a camera down my throat and told me that my esophagus was very red, and it was because of reflux. I didn’t believe it because I rarely had heartburn.

What I had was called “silent reflux”, and it is actually very common. You don’t even know you have it until you start to have trouble breathing or you end up with a condition called “Barretts Esophagus” or esophageal cancer. I was told to take PPI medication to fix this problem. My question was “for how long”, and the answer I got was “maybe a few months, maybe forever”.  That did not sit well with me.  I don’t like “maybes”, and the thought of being on this medication indefinitely made me very nervous. 

I filled the prescription and started taking the pills. Nothing happened. I took those pills for 2 months with no improvement. We are conditioned to believe that our doctors always know what is best for us, and that prescription medication is the answer. That is not always true.  I was really depressed about this issue and didn’t know what I was going to do. I was told that the acid in my stomach was eating the lining of my esophagus, and it could eventually lead to cancer. I was 42 years old and was not ready to deal with this kind of health problem. 

I lived with this problem for about a year, and then I decided I needed to try something different. I was highly motivated because I still couldn’t breathe well. You never realize how important it is to take a full breath of air until you can’t. I was working full time and trying to raise my children, but I was completely miserable. 

 I started doing research online, and I finally came up with something.

I abandoned the PPIs and tried a natural method. In about 3 weeks, the shortness of breath went away and my throat was healed up. The inflammation went away completely. I could breathe normally.  

So, my goal here is to review and present some natural methods that are WAY better than taking PPI medication.  I am very much an advocate for the natural method. I don’t want to see anyone suffer with this for over a year like I did. I don’t believe that doctors are quacks, but what I do believe is that conventional medication is not the best method for dealing with this condition.  

Take care,


Dr. Robert Sewell on the Problem with Reflux Medication


I highly recommend that  everyone watch this short video on reflux and heartburn. Dr. Sewell speaks about how PPI medication treats the symptoms of reflux, however does not actually solve the problem. He also briefly touches on the rise in esophageal cancer rates over the past few years. What is essentially happening is that the PPIs reduce the symptoms, so we think everything is fine with our health. The reality is that the medication just masks the problem and we end up with a severe condition in our throat.


How do I know if I have “Silent Reflux”?

I knew I had it because I could not breathe due to the inflammation in my esophagus. I recall waking up in the middle of the night and there was a very acidic taste in my mouth, but I did not have regular heartburn during the day.

Silent Reflux is WAY more dangerous than regular reflux because you may not even know there is a problem until it is too late. With normal reflux, you have heartburn and that lets you know that you need to address the problem. With silent reflux, you may wake up from time to time with acid in your mouth, but that’s really about it for most people. Then you go to the doctor one day and find out you have a pre-cancerous condition in your throat.

My advice to anyone who is thinking that they may have silent reflux is to go to an ENT and have them look at your throat to check for inflammation.


Barton Publishing’s “Reflux Remedy”

The first natural program I wanted to review was the “Reflux Remedy” product from Barton Publishing.

Here is a picture of what you get:

barton publishing

As with most of these programs, there is a long video they want you to watch. His is actually fairly decent, but I will sum it up for you: Don’t take PPI’s. We already knew that, thanks. What I do like about this program is that it’s less than $20, and it’s really comprehensive. He has come up with a very comprehensive program that involves some diet changes, lifestyle changes and keys you in on some products that will really help you jumpstart this program very quickly. It’s $19.97 for digital delivery and $39.97 for the hardcopies. The picture shows the hardcopies.

I would opt for the digital delivery if you have a smartphone. That way you can go through the materials wherever you are and not have to haul around all these books. There is a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you have digital delivery and cancel it, they just turn off your access to the information.

Reflux Remedy

Sleeping with Reflux

wedge pillow

I received a question about using a wedge pillow for sleeping with reflux. This is absolutely a great idea. It is a little awkward at first, but it really helps.

I ordered a wedge pillow from Amazon, kind of like this one. The first week or so I couldn’t figure out where to put my arm when I sleep (I sleep on my side). I finally figured it out.

What you don’t want to do is prop your head up with lots of extra pillows. That just messes with your neck and you will wake up sore.

The gradual slope of the wedge helps keep the acid in your stomach, and not in your esophagus.

If your reflux was as bad as mine was, you will definitely need all the help you can get to get healed up. I also ordered one of these pillows for my wife while she was pregnant, and she loved it.


My trips to the doctors….

I say “trips” because I made multiple trips and saw multiple doctors. Here is a list of who I saw for this problem, what they did to me, and what they prescribed for me to fix my issues… NONE of which helped…


X ray

CT Scan


The fix: Xanax.. Said it was anxiety


ENT #1

Told me I was crazy and there was no reflux because I didn’t have heartburn.

The fix: Diflucan.. said it was a yeast infection


Family Doctor

X ray

The fix: Ativan.. Said it was anxiety


Urgent Care

X ray

The fix: Clonipin.. Said it was anxiety. I actually had a nervous breakdown from taking this every day and I lost my job. 


Family Doctor

Referred me to radiology



Barium Swallow


The fix: Said nothing was wrong


Family Doctor

Referred me to ENT 2



Scope of my throat. Said it was inflamed.

The fix: Prilosec (Double dose)



Scope of my throat. No changes

The fix: Nexium


Switched to a multi-point natural method involving diet and lifestyle changes and I was cured in 3 weeks. 

Honestly, it was an unbelievable ordeal for me. If you are suffering, I strongly encourage you to make a change.