Get Started Today- Fix Reflux

The following is my personal opinion. I am not a doctor. I am simply sharing what worked for me and many other people who were fed up with conventional medications that simply do not work. 

If you want to cure your Acid Reflux, I highly recommend you watch this video and seriously consider this home remedy. The minimal cost involved is worth it to be happy and healthy again and not have to take medication every day. This program will set you back $19.97. About the same price as 7 days worth of Nexium. $19.97 to get your life back? Seems like a pretty darn good deal. 

If you would rather keep on going to doctors, having tubes stuck down your throat, and spending money on antacids and proton pump inhibitors, then I wish you well. Just know that PPIs have a lot of potential to cause great harm if taken long term.

 In November of 2014 I became sick with a cold, and along with that I had trouble breathing. The cold went away but the shortness of breath didn’t stop. 

I went to the ER first because I thought I was very ill with some kind of problem in my lungs. The ER doctor told me it was anxiety, gave me some xanax and sent me home. 

After a few months of dealing with the constant breathing issue, I went to my family doctor. He sent me to have a barium swallow test,and that showed nothing. Then I had a CT scan, and then an MRI. I saw 4 doctors total, two of which were ENT specialists. They all told me that I needed to take medication to fix this problem. So I did, and it simply did not work. 

I suffered from silent reflux for about a year before I finally found a cure nearly identical to this. Silent reflux usually has no symptoms or heartburn. The acid just eats away at your throat, causing inflammation. It can eventually lead to cancer. I only wish I had not waited a year before I got online and searched for help. I made the mistake of trusting doctors who really just wanted to bill me for visits and prescribe me drugs that had worse side affects than the reflux itself. 

I abandoned the PPIs and tried the natural method. In about 3 weeks, the shortness of breath went way and my throat was healed up. The inflammation went away completely. I could breathe normally. You never realize how important it is to take a full breath of air until you can’t. 

I would be happy to answer any questions about my ordeal and how I fixed my Silent Reflux problem. Ask any questions you want. I would be happy to answer. I am just sharing what I found out and what helped me.

The link, once again is here.  I really hope you watch the video and opt for this over PPI medication. 

Take care,